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Subsea Valve

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Subsea Valve is the mud control equipment installed in the inside of mud tanks or water tanks. It is used to import mud or liquid phase and prevent different nature of mud or liquid in both side of mud tank to mix with each other.
Subsea Valve is made up of 50 components. All components can work closely together. In process of mud control, Subsea valve can acheive the  opening and closing between containers. It is the first choice in fields of oilfields drilling at present.
Features of Subsea Valve
1. Good sealing property, assuring zero leakage;
2. Compostion of 50 precision components;
3. Flexible steering, Convenient operation;
4. High cost performance, fewer wearing parts, stand wear and tear;

Subsea Valve

Parameter of Subsea Valve 

Parameter of Subsea Valve

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