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Новости компании

  • BWZCQ270 Drilling Fluids Vacuum Degasser Delivered To Customer 2020-10-10

    On October 9th, a set of BWZCQ270 drilling fluids vacuum degasser was shipped out and ready to be delivered to customers. This set of drilling fluids vacuum degasser will be sent to a drilling mud solids control site in a domestic oilfield to update and replac...

  • Happy Mid-Autumn Festival & Happy National Day 2020 2020-09-30

    On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day, Brightway all employees wish all customers and friends a happy holiday! Thanks for your support to our company, we express our most sincere gratitude to you! We wish you have a happy Mid-Autumn Fes...

  • Shipment of Mud-water Separation System to Finland 2020-09-27

    On September 16th, after completing the final series of inspection and commissioning procedures, a set of mud-water separation system of Brightway was officially hoisted and ready to be sent to Finland. The mud-water separation system is mainly used ...

  • Shipment of BWVP750 Sludge Vacuum Pump 2020-09-25

    On September 13th, a set of BWVP750 sludge vacuum pump was officially hoisted and shipped, ready to be delivered to customers. The BWVP750 sludge vacuum pump of Brightway has a unique design structure. There are no rotating parts in the cavity, which...

  • Shipment of drilling mud Additives device 2020-09-24

    On September 7th, a set of oilfield drilling mud additives device of Brightway was being hoisted in the workshop and was ready to be delivered to customers. This set of drilling mud additives device is customized by Brightway according to customer's working co...

  • 5 Sets of Heat-preserving Vertical Screw Conveyors Delivered to Customers 2020-09-23

    Recently, 5 sets of heat-preserving vertical screw conveyors customized for  customer were officially hoisted and delivered. Vertical screw conveyor is a commonly used equipment for oilfield drill cuttings transportation. Its specifications and models are...

  • Delivery of Drilling Fluids Waste Management to Shandong 2020-09-22

    On September 3rd, a set of drilling fluids waste management of Brightway was being intensively installed and commissioned at a drilling site in an oilfield in Shandong. The drilling fluids waste management was delivered at the end of August and arrived at the ...

  • Delivery of HDD Mud Recycling System to Singapore Customer 2020-07-29

    On July 27th, a set of HDD mud recycling system customized for Singapore customers was officially shipped and delivered.     The project is an underground cable laying project. The construction area needs to be oriented without excavation, and the mu...

  • Delivery of 18.5KW Submersible Slurry Pumps to Kuwaiti Customer 2020-07-04

    Recently, 4 sets of 18.5kw submersible slurry pumps produced by Brightway for customers in Kuwait are being installed and packaged for final delivery.     Submersible slurry pump is a common centrifugal slurry pump, mainly used in environmental prote...

  • Delivery of a Finland Oilfield Drilling Fluids Waste Management 2020-07-01

    On June 30th, Brightway officially shipped a skid-mounted drilling fluids waste management customized for the Finland oilfield drilling project.     The drilling fluids waste management consists of vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, screw ...

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