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Технология Новости

  • Brightway Shale Shaker Operation Video in Russia 2016-11-09

    This Shale Shaker Model is the Brightway  BWZS103. The Shale Shaker Capacity is 120 m3/h.  The Service Project is 4000m Oil Drilling in Russia. From this Shale Shaker Operation Video, we can see that the performance and the treatment effect of BWZS10...

  • Piling Mud Treatment Scheme 2016-11-03

    In urban construction, Piling mud treatment has always been a problem in engineering construction.In the process of piling, There will produce a lot of mud. the mud is suspension liquid contains a certain amount of fine clay particles, which has a certain visc...

  • Precision Test of Decanter Centrifuge Drum 2016-09-08

    Centrifuge drum is the core components of the centrifuge. There are many small holes on the drum. Put the filter bag inside, Inside the filter bag packing materials, By motor through v-belt drive drum. After a high-speed, there create a strong centrifugal forc...

  • Mud Treatment Equipment Installation and Processing Technology in Pipe Jacking C... 2016-08-18

    Pipe jacking construction working principle: Pipe jacking construction is a construction method of underground pipeline developed after the shield construction. This construction method can not need to strata excavation. and It can cross roads, railways, river...

  • Oilfield Drill Cuttings Disposal Method and System 2016-07-02

    Oilfield Drill Cuttings Disposal System is the new method and approach of driling cuttings and waste treatment. In the past, there are a large number of drilling mud and drililng cuttings in oil well drilling.  How to disposal the dril...

  • Treatment Principle of Oily sludge 2016-06-30

    At the end of the drilling, It can produce a large number of oily sludge. but how to process the oily sludge? According to statistics, Each year there are approximately 1.1 million tons of oily sludge in China's oil and petrochemical industry. At least 330,000...

  • Three Deterministic Factors of Shale Shaker Working Efficiency 2016-06-23

    In the oil drilling process, The drilling fluids from the well can be transported to the mud control equipment by mud pump. As the first phase equipment of mud control, The drilling fluids shale shaker is one of the mud-water separation equipment and has the c...

  • Brightway Decanter Centrifuge and Its Application to Desulfurization 2016-06-14

    After technical and commercial exchanges for 2 months, Brightway designed and manufactured one set BWLW High-speed Desulfurization Decanter Centrifuge for Russia customer. Recently, The Decanter Centrifuge has tested successfully at the factory. It w...

  • Analysis on the Treatment Technology of Oil-based Mud 2016-06-07

    The traditional disposal measures for the treatment of oil-based mud is recycling and incineration.,simple processing and low cost. But this measures is higher demands on stratigraphy and the incineration can cause serious pollution to the environment, Not con...

  • Application Analysis of HDD Mud Recovery System 2016-06-01

    In the project of horizontal directional crossing, The need of large amount of mud increase mud cost and land cost. What is more serious is that if you do not process the mud timely and effectively after horizontal directional drilling, It is easy to cause pol...

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