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Новости компании

Shipment of BWVP750 Sludge Vacuum Pump


On September 13th, a set of BWVP750 sludge vacuum pump was officially hoisted and shipped, ready to be delivered to customers.

The BWVP750 sludge vacuum pump of Brightway has a unique design structure. There are no rotating parts in the cavity, which is not easy to wear. It can work smoothly in the most difficult environment and can transport materials with more than 80% solid phase and high specific gravity materials at high speed. The supporting air compression equipment can produce super suction power. It can easily suck drill cuttings, mud, sewage and silt and other media, transport from liquid mixture to solid, and has a wide range of uses. It has the function of long-distance transportation, the suction distance is up to 50 meters, and the discharge distance is up to 500-1000 meters.

Shipment of BWVP750 sludge vacuum pump

The BWVP750 sludge vacuum pump delivered to the customer this time is designed to deliver 40 cubic meters per hour. After the sludge vacuum pump is delivered to the site, it will be equipped with an air compressor to solve the general pressure of the on-site chemical (crystal particles) transportation equipment Insufficient, low processing capacity, and inability to transport over long distances. It is expected to be put into production in the near future.

BWVP750 sludge vacuum pump

As a sludge vacuum pump manufacturer, Brightway can design and customize sludge vacuum pumps of different specifications according to the specific conditions of the customer’s drilling conditions, including: BWVP 750——500 to provide customers with efficient solid-liquid mixture transportation solutions.

sludge vacuum pump

For more information about the sludge vacuum pump product information, please click: https://www.brightwaysolids.com/Sludge-Vacuum-Pump_p70.html

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