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Drilling Cuttings Dryer on Inner Mongolia Site



Drilling Cuttings Dryer on Inner Mongolia  Site

The Drilling Cuttings Dryer will be match with screw conveyer and other drilling mud system in oilfield and achieve  drill cuttings drying. The cuttings dryer capacity can be up to 40t/h.

Appearing on the market, Brightway cuttings dryer received the support and trust from domestic and foreign customers.In the Middle East, South Africa, Russia and other countries, Brightway cuttings dryer has good performance and  strong capability.

Brightway Drilling Cuttting Dryer System has run smoothly for several days live in Inner Mongolia. Match Equipments of System such as Drying Shaker and Vertical Cutting Dryer are operating normally, the drilling waste has been disposed effectively.Drilling waste processing of the results gets to the expected standard.


Brightway Cutting Dryer System turned waste into wealth in Drilling Site

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